How We Started

Growing up, pickles were an essential part of every meal in the Shrivastava family. Our grandmother, Srimati Sushila Devi, made pickles that were much loved among our family and friends. These pickles were so delicious that every guest would savor them until the last bite, often requesting to take some home.


Following our grandmother’s demise, we made sure to preserve all her recipes and continued the tradition of making authentic pickles in our home. Over time, we noticed that many families had lost touch with pickle recipes or didn’t have time to make them due to their busy lifestyles.


That’s when we decided to introduce our pickles to the market and launched our brand, Achaar Gali. Today, all our pickles are made with the same love and care that we have put into them over the years, so you can experience our hospitality and love as if you were our very own guests.

-Atithi Devo Bhavah

passed on recipe


Our mission is to revive the slowly fading craft of pickle making and preserve the tradition of time-honored, forgotten legacy recipes.

achaar gali pickle with aloo ka paratha


We strive to make the delicious flavors of our pickles accessible to every home, fostering a sense of community, warmth and connection

women community of achaar gali


Authenticity, Accessibility, Community building, Sustainability, & Women Empowerment through generating employment for women in Bishankhedi, Bhopal

Our Products

Highest Quality

100% Natural

With NO artificial preservatives


For superior taste and quality


At Home, with love


Prepared with Farm Fresh Ingredients

Alway Fresh

Eat local, consume local, closer to nature.

Cold Pressed Oil

Made in Cold Pressed/Kacchi Ghani Mustard Oil


Late Smt. Sushmita Devi

(1940 - 2016)

In loving memory of our dear grandmother, Srimati Sushila Devi. Her timeless pickles live on through the ages.