Creative Ways to Use Achaar Gali’s Homemade Pickles In Your Recipes

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Indian cuisine is a tapestry of flavors, and among its many delights, pickles hold a special place. Achar, or pickles, come in a variety of forms, ranging from the tangy Aam ka Achaar to the fiery Mirch ka Achaar and the savory Lehsun ka Achaar. Beyond being mere accompaniments, these pickles can be transformed into culinary wonders, adding a burst of unique flavors to your dishes. Let’s explore some creative ways to incorporate Homemade pickle into your recipes.

Kacchi Ghani Oil-infused Aloo Chokha

Transform the classic Aloo Chokha by tossing boiled potatoes with Kacchi Ghani oil from Achaar Gali’s pickles. Add a dash of chaat masala and a spoonful of pickle spices for a tantalizing Aloo Chokha. Garnish with coriander and chopped green chili for an irresistible twist.

Achaari Khichdi with Mango Pickle Spices

Give your khichdi a delightful achaari makeover by incorporating the bold spices from Achaar Gali’s Mango Pickle. Infuse the dish with a generous spoonful of mango pickle oil and spices, elevating the humble khichdi to a flavor-packed experience.

Bread with Pickle Spread

Elevate your snack game by spreading Achaar Gali’s homemade pickle onto toasted crispy bread. The intense flavors of the pickle paired with the crunchy texture of the bread create a simple yet delightful treat.

Mashed Garlic Pickle Rice

Revitalize leftover rice by mashing in the vibrant flavors of Achaar Gali’s Garlic Pickle. This quick and delicious dish bursts with the distinct taste of garlic pickle, turning mundane rice into a flavorful delight.

Achari Dal Tadka

Infuse your dal with the rich flavors of Achaar Gali’s pickles by adding achari tadka. Frying the dal in a mixture of spices from the pickle creates a memorable dish that tantalizes the taste buds.

Indian dal. Traditional Indian soup lentils. Indian Dhal spicy curry in bowl, spices, herbs, rustic black wooden background. Authentic Indian dish. Overhead

Roti Achaar Roll

Craft a quick and flavorsome snack by spreading Achaar Gali’s homemade pickle on a warm roti. Add veggies or onions, roll it up, and experience a burst of unique flavors in every bite.

Achaari Paneer/Chicken Tikka

Elevate the classic Paneer Tikka by marinating the paneer in a mixture of yogurt and Achaar Gali’s pickles. The tangy and spicy notes from the pickle bring an extra kick to this beloved appetizer.

Mirch Ka Achaar Stuffed Paratha

Spice up your breakfast or lunch with a paratha stuffed with the fiery flavors of Achaar Gali’s Mirch Ka Achaar. The heat from the pickle adds a delicious intensity to the traditional stuffed paratha.

Pickle Paneer Paratha

Create a spicy and satisfying main course by stuffing parathas with mashed paneer, grated carrots, and chopped Mirch Ka Achaar from Achaar Gali. Fry or bake for a flavorful twist on the classic stuffed paratha.

Kathal Ka Achaar Pulao

Transform a simple pulao into a feast of flavors by incorporating the spices from Achaar Gali’s Kathal Ka Achaar. The jackfruit pickle imparts a unique taste that complements the aromatic rice beautifully.

Spicy Pickle Fish Curry

Ignite your senses with an Andhra-style twist to fish curry by adding a spoonful of Achaar Gali’s green chilli pickle and extra chilies. This spicy infusion elevates the dish to new heights.

Pickle Pakoras

Whip up crispy and tangy pakoras by mixing chopped pickles from Achaar Gali with chickpea flour, spices, cut vegetables, and water. This party starter or anytime snack is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Masala Popcorn with Pickle

Transform your popcorn into an addictive snack by sprinkling it with a homemade masala made from ground pickle spices. This tangy twist on popcorn will keep you reaching for more.


Pickle innovation in Indian cooking, especially with Achaar Gali’s homemade pickles, opens up a world of possibilities. Remember, these are just a few ideas to use our homemade pickle in your recipes. Don’t be afraid to experiment, combine flavors, and find your own pickle paradise! Try Achaar Gali’s pickles today to discover a blend of tastes that will enhance your meale.

Your taste buds will thank you for the exciting journey through the diverse and vibrant world of Indian pickles. Try Achaar Gali’s pickles today!

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