Mango Pickle – The King of Homemade Pickles –

Ah, the tangy, spicy, and beloved Mango Pickle!

There’s nothing quite like it. A burst of sunshine preserved, a taste of tradition bottled, a condiment that can transform any meal.

There’s something undeniably special about homemade pickles. They capture the essence of tradition, the love poured into each jar, and a burst of flavor that store-bought varieties just can’t replicate. And when it comes to homemade pickles, few shine brighter than the vibrant, tangy delight that is mango pickle.

Mango pickle, also known as “aam ka achar,” is a staple in Indian households. It’s a condiment, a flavor bomb, and a nostalgia trip all rolled into one. Its fiery-sweet-tangy profile elevates any meal, be it a simple dal-rice combo or a celebratory feast. But beyond its deliciousness, making mango pickle is an experience in itself.

A Careful Selection of Raw Mangoes:

The journey begins with the selection of raw mangoes. Not just any mango works well in the pickling process – You need the firm, tart ones which are raw and just fresh in season. The type of mango varies depending on the region, with some popular choices being the Kachchi Kairi in South India and the Todka Aam in North India.

Hand Ground Spice Blend:

The taste of any good pickle lies in its masala. For mango pickle, this is a blend of hand ground spices, each adding its unique taste to the final pickle. Red chili powder brings the heat, turmeric lends its earthy warmth, fenugreek seeds add a touch of bitterness, and mustard seeds contribute a pungent aroma. The exact blend varies from recipe to recipe, each recipe a closely guarded secret passed down through generations.

The Sun-Drying Process:

Traditionally, mango pickle is dried under the warm Indian sun, allowing the flavors to meld and mature. This sun-drying process not only intensifies the taste but also preserves the pickle naturally. At Achaar Gali, all the mangoes are cut, washed and disinfected with haldi before sundrying. Post the pickling process also, the pickles are sundried for a period of one month to let the masalas and oil work its magic.

Slow Marination of the Pickles

Once the mangoes are prepped and the spices ready, the transformation in taste takes place. The cut mango pieces are coated in the masala, and with kacchi ghani oil, and left to marinate. This is where the flavors infuse the pickle with their essence and creating the much loved complex taste. The marination time can range from a few hours to days, depending on the desired level of intensity.

The Finished Achaar Jars

Finally, the moment arrives: the pickle is bottled. Sterilized jars are filled with the vibrant pickles, sealed tight, and stored away. As the days pass, the flavors continue to evolve, deepening and enriching. And then, the wait is over. You open the jar, and the aroma hits you – a flavour of complex profiles, earthiness, heat, spice, and sunshine-kissed warmth.

Beyond the Bite:

  • Pickling as a Tradition:

     Go beyond the recipe, delve into the cultural significance of pickling. How does it connect families and communities? How is it passed down through generations, carrying memories and stories within its tangy folds?
  • The Art of Making:

     Master the art of pickling! Share tips and techniques for selecting mangoes, preparing spices, and achieving the perfect balance of flavors. Include personal anecdotes or family recipes to add a touch of heart.
  • Mango Pickle Beyond the Plate:

     Explore its versatility! From adding a zing to dals and curries to pairing it with cheese and crackers, share creative ways to enjoy this beloved condiment.

More Than Just a Pickle:

Homemade mango pickle is more than just a condiment. It’s a labor of love, a connection to tradition, and a taste of home. It’s a reminder of the joy of slow food, of creating something delicious with your own hands. So, this season, why not try a homemade mango pickle made with our dadi’s unique recipes? Try Achaar Gali’s pickles today and you might just discover a new family tradition or jar of pure joy with your meals. Try Today!


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