The taste of Nani and Dadi Pickles

Mango pickle made by Dad

In the corner of every Indian household kitchen lies a delicious condiment – a jar of pickles crafted with love by our Nani and Dadi. These aren’t your average, store-bought pickles. They’re a legacy passed down through generations, flavors that tell the unique story of family, tradition, and the generation’s enjoyed tastes. There’s something undeniably special about Nani and Dadi’s pickles. It’s a burst of nostalgia, a reminder of childhood meals, and a flavor that warms the soul.

The Art of Pickling

The art of pickling is an ancient practice, a way to preserve food during times of scarcity. In India, pickling transcends mere preservation. It’s an art form passed down through generations, with each family possessing its own secret recipe. Nani (maternal grandmother) and Dadi (paternal grandmother) have spent years perfecting their craft, their kitchens experimenting with vegetables, spices and the sizzle of spices hitting hot oil. These pickles find new life in a fragrant concoction of mustard seeds, fenugreek, and turmeric. The tang of mustard oil adds to the warmth of spices, creating an unmatchable flavor that awakens the taste bud

Pickles have been prepared through all seasons. Summer brings a season of aam ka achar (mango pickle). Winter offers plump cauliflowers and crunchy carrots. Chili Pickles (Mirch ka Achar), lemon pickles (Nimbu ka Achar), garlic pickles (Lehsun ka Achar), and jackfruit pickles (Kathal ka Achar) are a constant presence throughout the year.

A Wellspring of Memories

Nani and Dadi’s pickles’ true magic lies in the memories these pickles evoke. Remember adding spoonfuls of pickles to your meals while Nani chided you saying “Achaar ko Sabzi ki Tarah mat khao”. Or the way a pinch of Dadi’s pickle transformed a bland lunch into an extremely delicious. The burst of flavor igniting a spark of umami on your palate? These pickles are more than just condiments. They’re edible stories, transporting you back to a time of carefree laughter and unconditional love.

A Legacy That Lives On

As we grow older, our palates may explore new cuisines and dishes, but the love for Nani and Dadi’s pickles remains constant. It’s a reminder of the comfort and warmth of home, a connection to our roots, and a taste of tradition that never goes out of style. So, the next time you savor a spoonful of these pickles, take a moment to appreciate the love and effort that went into making them. It’s a testament to the enduring power of family, tradition, and the simple joy of good food.

Achaar Gali’s Dadi Recipe Pickles

While homemade pickles hold a special place in our hearts, brands Achaar Gali offer you the same care and taste as Nani and Dadi’s pickles. We offer a taste of home for those who might not have their family recipes. Achaar Gali’s dedication to quality and time-tested methods ensures the flavour of those comforting childhood pickles. Try our diverse range of pickles today and add the magic of dadi pickles to your meals!

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